Tuesday, February 20, 2018

[Free Sample] Minon Amino Moist Lotion & Milk

Hi Dearies,

Here is your chance to try out Minon Amino Moist Lotion
  • Provides long-lasting moisture that is easily absorbed into the skin.
  • Even for dry, rough skin, this moisturising lotion sinks quickly into skin with no sticky feel
  • Softens the stratum corneum to support skin’s function to retain moisture
  • Refines the texture of skin, leaving it plump and hydrated

  • Moisturiser that spreads well on skin to lock in moisture.
  • Smooth on this silky, milky lotion to lock in and store moisture
  • This product has a rich, velvety texture yet does not feel sticky
  • Sinks even into dry, rough stratum corneum, regaining softness and smoothness of the skin

Redeem free sample here: http://minon-aminomoist.sg/sample.php


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