Monday, March 12, 2018

[Buying a House in Singapore] Settling Down

Hi Dearies,

After several balloting /trying our luck to get a BTO, we decided to go for resale flat. I didn't expect it to be so difficult at the first place. And each ballot, I have to pay $10 for a chance (more expensive than toto) and even if you didnt get a no, you cant do anything but wait for the next BTO sales launch.

I am interested in the recent grant scheme for the newly wed couple and decided to engage an agent for my house search. 

To me, it is basically a good choice! I get to see more house compared to Property guru and I am amazed by my agent fast work!

She know our preference and analyze my finance so we wont overshort our budget and be in debt. I also started to learn about Feng Shui and be careful with my every house visit.

And finally after 2 weeks of searching, we found our dream home and I am going to share more about my house reno journey and..

of course wedding! 

We have been spending time waiting for the BTO and finally we settled with one now!

Stay tuned for my future posts!

If you need my agent contact, comment below with your email, i will share with you :)


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