Saturday, April 21, 2018

[AD] I Learn from Maxmillian Money Making

Hi Dearies,

Interested to learn more about how to make more money?

You may be interested to attend Seminar from the First Billionaire Mentor In Indonesia, Mr Maxmillian Wienardi!

Max has been the founder of over 13 companies and his thoughts legacies would be valuable as a reference to new business owners.

He also want to introduce a holding company that presents a Program of Cashflow Funding to SMEs who needs access to unlimited funding.

The funding can be accessed when they join Belibisnis' Trading Invoice Program - Go Private - Go Public.

The benefit for the SMEs:
-no asset collateral needed
-company management support to become a company with good governance practice.
-raise the SMEs revenue by 598% per year.

This program would also revolutionize Indonesia's economy with eliminating the concept of "interest" and changing it to the concept of sharing economy that results 1867% profit for SMEs per year.

More information:

Click here to register & attend a seminar


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