Saturday, May 9, 2020


Hi Dearies,

Long time I didn't update the blog. Due to Covid 19 circuit breaker I am still staying home since the beginning of March 2020. So I will be sharing with you what is the ULTIMATE LIST to spend time when you are stuck in home.


  • I love handsome guys and those chickflix, however movie and drama production has been impacted by this global epidemic, therefore not much nice new drama is available so I have to rewatch or watch the epic drama again. Here are some of my recommendations if you have time 
1. The Untamed: Nice drama with two hot guys. Story of two boys Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji finding the truth to clear their injustice past with lots of demon/ evil spirits along the way.

2. Crash Landing on you: Korean drama talked about a love story between a North Korea officer and South Korean rich heiress. Lots of funny scenes and definitely worth your time

3. The Story of Minglan: Sheng Ming Lan has been mistreated by her legal mother and half siblings her whole life after her mother's death. Although she is the daughter of an official, she is the sixth child, and is often looked down on despite her beauty and intelligence. With her intelligence and tolerance, she managed to found the man she can trust with her life and revenge for her mother, and protect her family and kids.

4. The Big Bang theory: 5 stars show!! love it to max, to see funny and real friendship to protect one another in life. I really love the ways they interact and stay true to themselves. The story starts with the lives of four socially awkward friends, Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj, take a wild turn when they meet the beautiful and free-spirited Penny.

5. Grey's Anatomy: Surgical interns and their supervisors embark on a medical journey where they become part of heart-wrenching stories and make life-changing decisions in order to become the finest doctors. This drama is so real and close to life and you will rethink what is important in life and thanks doctors and healthcare workers for saving our lives.


I believe I have train myself to be the next Gordon Ramsay. Here are some of the youtube chef show that I followed. To be honest,  cooking is not difficult at all, is just the way you cook and it needs to turn out to be like an art pieces and sell them for USD 50+ is difficult :) Anyway I tried out Sweet potatoes balls, bubble teas and spaghetti. Still, I can't make them look like art pieces
  1. Gordon Ramsay: Learn how he handles egg like an art
  2. Taste Show: Master Piece, pork belly
  3. Wang Gang: Chinese Dishes if you love spicy and wanna learnt good knife skill, on your subtitle 
  4. Tasty: easy dishes to make your day happy


I know lots of people will be complaining they will be bored to death for not be able to meet their friends, doing their weekly karaoke session, or meeting with family. But somehow with internet everything is possible, except physical touch. We are basically in a "Surrogates" world haha

  1. Facebook Messenger: Connect friends for a big gathering for up to 8 pax. You no longer need to chat by typing using WhatsApp messenger anymore because I hate typing especially after work.
  2.  Quan Ming Karaoke: google play, apple store best best invention to create a room and invite friends to sing songs together. Plus you get to sing with people you don't know and you may make friends from people around the world. How cool is that. It makes me to listen to lots of talented singer in Taiwan when I have sleepless night
  3. Talk to people you miss them: Covid 19 situation reminds me lots of people may be as bored as you are. So it is time for you to reconnect with your long lost closed friends and reignite the friendship fire. Cool huh~ 


I know guys love games. But I have zero knowledge on this. But I have to share PS4 Sony users they are giving out free games, so thanks the opportunity and download before they leave. My hubby is a complete PS4 magnet, he can't leave PS4 except when he wanna do his big business. Haha

Alright that's all for today. I am thinking to start a youtube channel to share some of my daily life, to heal my boredom soul haha. See you next time xoxo


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