[DIARY] Running Week 4

by - 11.7.16

Hi Dearies,

I had been trying to run twice weekly to lose some weight and get healthier.

Just to share that stay active really help my life:

  • I get better skin
  • I can eat more
  • I feel my body is more flexible
  • I feel less fatigue
And i found this I-run event from Health Promotion Board website and I hope you could join us too!

You get to meet awesome people who loves running :)

Also free 100 plus & mineral water after the run, you get free bag drop services in every run :) Its simply hassle free and simply come, drop your bag and run :)

I am getting better running time using runkeeper app (3g needed).Running apps, RunKeeper

Ok how to get started:

1. Find a jogging buddy
2. Register I-run via HPB website
3. Come run!

To better persuade you to run, here are some great benefits of running:

Source: google.com.sg

Of course you need good shoes to protect your legs  and stay hydrated. Hope to see you in my next training.


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