Friday, July 22, 2016


Hi Dearies,

Recently I was a bit bored and I was searching for drama and watched the discovery of love- Korea drama.

The story talks about Han Yeo-Reum (Jung Yu-Mi) is in love with her boyfriend, but her ex-boyfriend, Kang Tae-Ha (Eric), who realizes his faults appears in front of her made her heart jump again.

Actually i don't like Yeo-Reum character in the drama because she made two guys to have feeling for her and she can't do much about it and make them suffer.

Then I really like this guy- Kang Tae Ha starred by Eric Mun.

Then i started to watch this Another Oh Hae-young! Man, this is the most interesting love story I never see before. It talks about a man who can see the future keep seeing a woman in her mind who he never meet before. And the woman shared the same name with his ex-fiancee who left him on the wedding day. He tried to stop this woman to come into his life but realized he can't do anything but fall for her. And in the end, he realizes that his deep love to Hae- young!

Super romantic and funny drama. Please go watch it! You will love Park Do-kyung Oppa.

Spy Myung wol-

Filmed in Singapore :) So sweet


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