Friday, January 21, 2011

Welcome to 2011

Okie, it has been a long time I did not log in to my blogspot account... It's been a great 2010 for me because I tried new stuffs and have earned some new experiences including some fun trips together with my friends.

It was a blessed year that i met new friends and joined Aiesec for a couple months. However, i decided not to attend the meeting anymore :( not becoz I am a lazy person, it is just not suitable for a non party girl like me * actually, it is a great experience to meet yu hui, qiji and lots of fun and happening friends*!!! Maybe i am just not ready to get involve in too much party events.

Woo, it is 2011 !! I am so happy i survived 2010. This year, i decided to delay my graduation to Spring to declare another English minor. Phew, I still desire a Professional Writing minor. ( too bad i do not have enough time for that). I hope I can attend lectures from my Mr. Nice professor Michael Harker ( He is the best lecturer ever, sweet, nice and charming!)

I dyed my hair to Dark Auburn Brown, credit to my Pro Hair stylist------ Emily Price~ Muaks.
Thanks to her patience, I have new hair color :) although it is not obvious due to my healthy natural black hair :)

New year Resolutions:
1. Moving forward to reach my goal -----> my Goddess: Lee Hyori
2. Stay Healthy and lose weight :) ( Phew, i am such a slacker! Salad salad)
3. No facebook, more book reading!
4. Improve my math ( OMG!!! )
5. Korean( Yes Yes Yes Pe-Go-Pak)
6. Update my Fashion Sense ( XXXX)
7. Learn how to drive and get a job( $$$$$$$$$$$$)
8. Treat myself better Deeeee


move on!!! Stay tunes for my latest news