Monday, January 24, 2011

The Money Maker

Oh gosh!! I hate winter for several reasons.
~Firstly, it is super expensive for the utilities such as gas and electricity. We have to pay $70+ electricity for last month, holy crap!
~Besides, we have to wear a lot no matter when we go!!! Otherwise you can't feel your body anymore bcoz of the numbness!
~ Due to the coldness i ate a lot than before. It means my intake for calories increase tremendously without i even notice it.

I need to make lots of money, because i realized i am such a spender.

I was so shocked when i was doing my spreadsheet for these last couple months! It was so annoying that i spent so much in December on food and fashion shopping. Although it might not be a huge amount of money compared to my other friends, it still hurt!!!

I need to be really really thrifty in the rest of the months in US! This is my new year resolution because i still want to buy a new lappie for my dad XD


Therefore we all need to be money wise and be the money maker 1st before u know how to spend all your money away XD

Important: stay warm and be effective in life !
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