Sunday, April 17, 2011

Leung Chiu Wai

Okay people,

I am going to introduce my favorite actor- Leung Chiu Wai to u guys! Okay, to be honest, I seriously think he is CUTE, CHARISMATIC, FUN, NICE, Super duper SEXY and Manly,adorable, and appear to be FREAKING HOTTTTTTTTTT!

haha, don't doubt it! I am obsess with HIM.

His sweet smile from 新扎师兄 1984 (张伟杰)
If you never watch it before, i will definitely recommend u all to watch it! His outstanding movie performances resulted from a total of 8 years of tvb drama acting experiences!!!!!!!1! Tht's why he is always the best in HK ( no offence to other tvb actors fans! )侠客行,倚天屠龙记,鹿鼎记。。。。 etc
Hehe, i am too obsess with him! although he is married to Carina Lau. She is definitely the luckiest girl in the world because apparently she owned my dream man! How i wish i was born earlier and i probably can stand a chance to meet him@ * sorry for being so straightforward!LOL no one can resist his smile*

I love her outfits@ I bought myself some summer dresses before i leave the states. I will miss all my friends and the library!

Love the sunny weather
Love heels
Love the friendships
Love the way you are
Love Xbox-ing
Love Granola Cereal Bar
Love tony leung

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