Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A lovely evening to spend with the Conrad!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥

Okay dokey,,

I met with the Conrads yesterday before i leave the states! OMG, Grace, Julia and Fay are getting taller and i miss their laughter!!!!!

It was so cute they all send me cards!!!!! Awww, i almost cried when i read them.

Once i heard you are going back to Malaysia i asked why? Dad said "i don't know." Then i become a little sad. Then i told Fay and she was sad too. But then i knew you were going to see your family again so i became happy for you. I will miss you while you are in Malaysia.
I hope you have fun in Malaysia.
I will miss you very much while you are in Malaysia! Iliked you being in our house! I had a lot of fun with you! I hope you will have fun in Malaysia. I had fun with you at the bowling ally. I hooe to see you again! SOON!


Aww, aren't they sweet?? I love their tiny and cute handwritings. How i wish we are living in the same countries and we can hang out anytime we want.

I am glad that i took their funny faces pictures and their exciting faces when they had first Japanese pop! Haha, Fay tries to tell me what is the "ball" inside the pop bottles was used to give the pop a tasty strawberry flavor. Haha, i have no clue.

Grace was blowing the bottles * she is learning flute* I know she is a talented and smart girl * u go girl!*

Julia cut her hair but i love the way she dresses@ She is definitely a fashionista- to -be!

I am thankful that i met their family!!!

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