Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer again!

It's June for 2012, have you thought of what did/ didn't you achieve this year?
---- too much fail to achieve? Haha, you still have the 6 months left to accomplish it in time!

In this year, I've plenty of time to rejuvenate and plan for my own career! I realized there're too much of things that I couldn't manage to handle ~

And life continues.... few of my best friends married their love ones and started their family! I feel that I'm getting old! And we need to work harder before we lost our young heart!

1. read more books! Gain more knowledge!
2.Exercise with persistence
3. eat more consciously, organic food n vege
4. keep your face, body n hair clean n healthy! Keep laziness away!
5. Socialize, make more friends! Build a international social circle
6. don't lose your dream! Find them and make them possible!
7. Treat your family nicer, and spend time with them
8. the most important part of your life, ENJOY LIFE~
 Thus, I got to lose my weight to my target-----before I'm old and can't wear those nice clothes!

 this is my slender friend who never have to worry abt her weight *how lucky she's*

I'm doing this everyday~ hopefully I can see some results soon! I'm in need of a job and freedom~ I need to be strong now! OMG, I need freedom to do what I wanna do~!~~~~~ do it now! do it now!