Friday, September 21, 2012

Facial Tips

Every girl always has their own skin problems and I always have to deal with my black heads and large pores! Can you imagine during the facial treatment, they squeezes my blackheads like there's no tomorrow???!!! AWWW--OUCH!

I was like screaming inside my heart "are you vexing your anger/ stresses on me?" Anyway, it's truly a pain in my ass! And I kept on finding ways to stop this torturing from happening to me. Due to my skin dryness, I didn't get much acnes problem- * thanks God for that*--- for I always hear complaints from my BFFS for their pain experiences! can you imagine someone squeezes your pimples when they're still not ripe! I've my goose bump when I imagined that myself!

So here come the rescues!

1- Drink more water and don't squeeze your pimples!For me, I will sleep in early (best before 11pm) and keep your face clean- means no hand off! and wait till your pimple ripens and then squeeze it gently! After the awful squeeze, make sure you cleanse your face and apply a mask! Mask is a MUST! I applied it as often as I can! I found it will moisturise your skin and make you a radiant queen!

2-If you're short of cash and want to do something in a more economic way---- what I do is I just bought a bottle of pure/ clean bottle of H20 and pour it into a sprayer! so you can spray the mist on your face wherever you go! I love the re freshness!

3- Milk is the best food for your skin! Using raw milk on your skin lightens your skin tone. You can use this remedy on your babies also to get a fairer skin! Although its abit expensive!

4-Lemon is a good bleaching agent, and it is very helpful in ironing out the blemishes of the face. Try this home remedy for getting fair skin at home, but i never try it be4. I love lemon juice! Probably my skin will love it too?!!!

Oh well, there're too much remedies online and I really can't finish reading those! I guess we need to be diligent in maintaining our FACES by applying sunblock/UV screen everyday and cleanse our skin all the times! 

Happy facial and love you all!xxx