Saturday, September 22, 2012

More Apparels?

Ladies, do you have the same problem I face daily? can't find something to wear for certain occasion--- but look into a packed and jammed wardrobe??? To be honest, I almost have to dig into my pile of clothing to find that one piece of cloth! Am I the only one who is doing that? Haha

Argh, if you currently reside in or close to Batu Pahat, here's the deal! There's a shop at Jln Setia Jaya and everything inside are all RM 10!!! Can you believe that? I was wondering what they're going to profit from that, the apparels are very trendy and some look so Korean!! OMG!

I am such a cheapskate so I won't spend too much money on T-shirts or my tank top! And this is definitely my paradise~ I am going to show you what I bought! Haha, and my friends will never expect it was that cheap! 

Anyways, I planned to go there every week to check out their new items! So cool right? You won't face shortage of cash anymore- --- Don't have to worry that you'll run out of clothing anymore :) Photo will be uploaded soon! 

Ok don't judge a tightwad person, k? I'm just be thrifty, OK ciao~


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