Thursday, October 31, 2013

Days with my taurus boy

October 6, 2013- A day to remember.

I decided to trust someone.

I decided to love someone.

I decided to rely someone.

Someone who is so special. And able to touch my heart.

I remember the day, we chat about profession, dream life and goals.

I remember how i complaint my dad for scolding me just because a shaver.

I remember how we chat daily.

I remember the day we first met. You recognized me immediately. You said I look exactly like a person walked out of the picture.

I remember we had steamboat for dinner the day. You're having diarrhea. And still willing to finish my leftover.

I remember the day i lost my wallet. You walked with me patiently and searched with me without any complaints. Never look tired. Never say anything just walked by my side.

I remember your voice. Sounds ridiculously nice.

I don't know why with you, time passes in split of seconds. You always give me faith, little wolf.

I remember how you said you're so lucky that you found me vice versa, because we're each other soul mate.

Nov 8 VS May 9

Scorpio VS Taurus



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