Thursday, October 31, 2013


It's Halloween! 

I missed the good old times when my bffs and I dressed up to club, house party! Just to have some fun. Working life is equal to same and monotonous routines....

Out of bed--> On train---> breakfast---->lunch---->home---->dinner--->sleep

Time become a very limited resources for me.

Also today is one of my gfs birthday- Ms. Jiaying, Happy birthday la. We need to catch up sometimes, i think your CPA test in never going to end.


Sometimes i feel i am too calculative, very tiny matters, related to $ $i can't let go. I guess i need to change my mindset.

Still haven't resolve my HP lappie problem. Don't ever get a HP product and their warranty is just "their" another way of conning your money. It's just a piece of useless paper!

Argh, may God blessed me with more luck!



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