Wednesday, January 29, 2014

100th Day celebration with Mr. J

On 20th January 2014, we have a special celebration for making it through for 100 days. Its amazing because if not J appears in my life, i probably don't know what is love and how to love. 

I used to love to read love novel and i'm considered "knowledgeble" when it comes to love. But only in theory not in "real situation". But now i probably can give more "experienced" advices to my friends when it comes to love questions.

I want to thank J because:

1. He is always frank and understanding wherever I did something unpleasant to him 

2. He is always ready to accept criticism\

3. He is always willing to listen and make some change.

4. He is HONEST!

I believe all the above criteria are super hard for anyone of us to meet! And I'm glad i found my gem who is willing to do that for me. 

On the day, we met at Marina Square and he surprised me with a buffet+ karaoke session! Of course i can't stop eating of course because i was famish.

Food and the flowers! ROSES

Me and J

When I was overwhelmed with the food and flower, of course i need to sing as many songs i can before the shop closed. So i quickly selected the songs i want J to sing for me and my favourite K songs. We sang until 9 sth and the shop closed at ten. Then J surprised me with a cake (to be honest I also wanted to get him a cake that day but I guess we don't need it).

with my name and a big love ( he made himself)

Of course i was touched and i don't know what to say on the day :) 

We quickly blow the candles and indulge in the lovely strawberry cakes from Bakerzin! The textures is soft and smooth with the extraordinary cream on top! Its a definitely must try in Singapore!

Tadah.. at the end, we can't finish the cake. It turn out to be my next day breakfast muahaha, love you baby J! I feel so lucky i am with you :)







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