Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Horse Year-龙马精神

CNY is around the corner and i want my holidays right now!

I haven't decide where to go for my family reunion dinner, everywhere in Singapore during the festive period is pricey and not worth it :)


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From the above article, maybe my health will not be too good in 2014. Really need to cut down my sugar and meat intake.But its CNY! Of course we need to eat Seafood, Steamboat and lots of crackers!

Recently i'm stucked with acne problem. There're at least 3 pimples on my face and is visible from far. I couldn't understand why me... I I usually is lucky without any acne. Now it's back and i am no longer an adolescent. I totally agree that acne is not caused by using the wrong facial product or too oily. Its caused by rise in the androgen level. Rising androgen will cause the oil glands under your skin to grow.

See how terrible it is, and my skin is prone to scarring and its gonna be horrible.

And i signed up a facial treatment at a beauty centre near toa payoh, the treatment there is ineffective in removing my acne... I shouldn't trust their technology.

Well its better to try before you purchase any facial treatment session from the beauty parlours

I hope my new facial products and masks gonna reduce my scarring and make it less visible.



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