Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hate to spend precious time waiting for a table at a famous restaurant? You no longer need to.

Dear readers,

It's always a pain in the a*s when you are working non stop until real late and simply wish that a plate of Nando chicken or Sushi to appear right in front of you? Or you simply don't wanna spend your time queuing a table simply for a simple dinner? Or when you are sick, and you simply wish some hot food will arrive in front of you in minutes? Especially when you are in Singapore. You NEED efficiency.

Now it's no longer a dream.

ROOM SERVICE- the simple, fast food delivery company that allows you to order meals online from 

over 90 of the most popular restaurants in Singapore. 

Seriously this is not a joke. You can access 90 popular restaurants and contact their kitchen now using 

your cellphone or computer!

And what is the best part? 

Room Service operates between 11am to 11pm, 7 days a week; rain or shine – where your meal will be delivered to your doorsteps.

Isn't that amazing? 

You could now start a small gathering or party right nowAll 

your favourite restaurants delivered to any places you like in 

just ONE hour. 

And they guarantee to deliver on time otherwise FEES WAIVED.

Now look at the restaurant choices..

I could even order Hard Rock Cafe famous dishes while catching my favorite Channel 8 show at home :) 

I could even order New York Strip Steak.... YUMMMMM

AMAZING.. I'm like in the restaurant! Excellent service!


How to Order 

You can order online via their Website or Call 6536 0065 

*Minimum order only $ 25.

Ciao, start your princess/prince life today! A small click and sit back and relax. Wait for your food be delivered right at your door steps!

Please like and receive awesome food deals from 

Room Services Singapore now!

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