Sunday, June 1, 2014

LAPIS SUPERSTAR- Your One Stop Kek Lapis Maker

Dear Readers,

Craving for Kek Lapis? - an Indonesian Layer Cake. Kek Lapis is a specialty where spices are added in :) It required lots of effort to make beautiful layers of the cake and it is super tasty :)
 Its origins can ve traced to colonial times in Dutch East Indies.

Hari Raya is approaching and you could order it from Lapis Superstar :) and make your Hari Raya Special :)

How to Order:

1. Simply log on to your Facebook account and send Lapis Superstar a personal message
2. Lapis Superstar will reply your message and provide you the payment details :)

Why Lapis Superstar?

Lapis Superstar provide lots of interesting flavors for customers to choose from such as Original, Oreo, Blueberry, Chocolate, prune and etc.

And the price is shown below :

Kek Lapis Prune :
★ 1/2 Loyang(1 KG) of - $30
★ 1 Loyang (2KG) - $55

Kek Lapis Limau Purut :
★ 1/2 Loyang(1 KG) of - $30
★ 1 Loyang (2KG) - $55

Kek Lapis Oreo :
★ 1/2 Loyang(1 KG) of - $30
★ 1 Loyang (2KG) - $5

Get started to try your Kek Lapis today !

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