Saturday, January 31, 2015

Awesome blog reads-

Hi readers,

I enjoy reading interesting articles about fashion, celebrities, travel tips etc.. And it is expensive for me to subscribe magazines :( I already spent around $20 per months for 2 magazines subscription.

But if you want to learn more about fashion trends, you can't stop updating yourself with the fashion styles. Therefore, after some search online, I found this awesome website: HERINTEREST.COM talks about everything relates to girls/women! It includes: celebrities news, hairstyles, love, plastic surgery, beauty, fashion,lifestyle, travel, movies, weight loss, food and many more!

For example, this article is so cool! 25 Valentine’s Day Quotes and Sayings for Him

I'm basically bad at doing make up. provide all the tips and tricks helping you to perfect your make up skills :)

If you want to create a hazel eyes look, read it here:

If you want to learn the makeup tips for girls who wear glasses daily:

If you want to make your hair look longer??? This is basically what i need currently before my next hair perm :) Read this interesting post here :

I found so many interesting articles and I learnt so many interesting tips for women :)

Start read and gain more insights today! Go be fabulous!

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