Saturday, January 31, 2015

Great Love Story Book Recommendation:The Color of Grace

Hi Readers,

Looking for a good read in this 2015? 

Or you could get this great novel to share with your love one or your soul mates ?

I love reading novel because I love the suspense, the chemistry between couple and drama of course.

In real life maybe we wish we are the hero/heroine in the story and I simply love to see how drama end with a happily ever after story

Here is a good recommendation for you!

The book: The Color of Grace written by David Winston

The precis: Grace Walker is a young, capable, and beautiful, black woman in a white dominated world, driven by her need to be accepted and to prove she is as good a teacher as anyone, black or white.She finds herself, unwittingly and unwillingly, in a difficult situation, and there is only one man who can help her out of it if she is not to suffer…However, he has issues of his own to resolve and to question if he can trust in love again, so is he man enough for her?…

Get the book here:

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