Thursday, May 28, 2015

Food Review: Jin Fine Dining with Grabz App

Hi Dearies,

I was pleased to share with you my dining experience at Jin Fine Dining at Amoy Hotel.

Are you a fan of authentic Japanese food? And I was so happy to meet with Chef Thomas Kok, who is the pioneers of Singapore Japanese food. He is super friendly and he shared with us his experience and passion in Japanese food. 

His passion towards Japanese cuisine has gathered him a lot of loyal customers. He is super friendly and I love the entire restaurant atmosphere, the waiter and waitresses are friendly and they really treat each of their customers like their family :)

Next let me introduce their popular dishes:

1.  Tatami Iwashi with Century Egg Tofu Starter, pairs perfectly with beer, this salty-sweet dish is made of small sardines that are dried and seared.

Try out this complimentary dishes with your Grabz membership :) 

2. Sashimi Platter -Scallop, toro (tuna belly), prawn ) -Super fresh and it was so good that I just can't stop having more :)

3. Kuro Buta (Braised Pork Belly)- Super delicious- It is not fatty and it was braised for over 7 hours to be so soft and tender! 

4. Grilled Yellowtail Fish with delicious sauce :) The texture is firm and tastes just nice :) Power!

5.  Ikura Chawanmushi-Super YUMM! So many ikura (salmon roe ) on top!!! 

6. Best Saga Aburi Beef Sushi - Saga Beef is recognized as one of the best brands in Japan ranking with Matsuzaka Beef and Kobe Beef!!!! It is sweet and super tender ~YUM

7. Yellowtail Fish in Miso :)
 The soup is so fresh and I can finish them in a minutes :) Fret not, the actual portion of the food is actually double the size in the picture :)

It is so cool that we can sit at the counter seat and watch the Chefs preparing the sashimi and other dishes :)

8. The highlight of the day: Bara Chirashi Don. Chef Thomas Kok used the Hokkaido rice (Sweet Lady) so it is simply flavorful! And their ikura is from Hokkaido and it is called Beni Salmon (Red Salmon) Fresh and irresistible taste!

The history of Bara Chirashi Don: It comes from Okayama Prefecture, that in the 17th century people are ordered to be frugal and eat one dish only, therefore Bara Chirashi Don was borned- a dish meal with various ingredients!

Overall, the experience in Jin Fine Dining is awesome. It would definitely be my first choice when I think of having Japanese food :) The price is also very reasonable for the ingredients they used.

Jin Fine Dining Address:
Amoy Hotel, 01-02, 74 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 048464
Tel: +6565366258
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday 10:30am-2:30pm & 6pm-10pm

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