Thursday, May 7, 2015

iKare Cafe- Lets bring positivity and happiness to others

Hi Friends,

Do you like to make friends or networking ?

iKare Cafe is a social networking site with a pure motive of making a difference to the people across the world. Built on the concept of pay-it-forward and paying back to the community, iKare Cafe strive to make the world a better place for all of us to live. iKare Cafe is dedicated to spreading Positivity and Happiness and is a perfect mix of entertainment and inspiration. 


iKare Cafe  encourage members to post content varying from the apparently little matters like doing an excellent action; sharing one's happy moments, motivational quotes, inspirational quotes, discussing an experience that made a member feel important; perhaps even as modest, but significant, as the way to make your partner an incredible cup of coffee. Members can post things as large as encouraging and declaring charity events that are large in your hometown or across the planet. In fact one can write blogs, discuss in forums and share anything which can bring in Positivity and Happiness to others. Positivity, Happiness, Social share and Social care is all iKare Cafe care.

Happy networking iKarians!

How to get started?

1. Sign up an account using your facebook, google, linked in, twitter or yahoo account.

2. Once you signed up, you will be able to receive the notification link in your email. Thus, you can verify and log in your account and get started to ikare around!

3. You could search and friend from around the world :)
4.  You could read about all people blog here under many categories :)

5. Or create a poll to create others' opinions?

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