Saturday, October 10, 2015

#throwback Post 2nd year anniversary

Hey peeps! I was going to update my anniversary date with J this year! We made it to our 2nd year..

To be honest, I was very happy! I found someone who loves my flaws, my ugly sides and always there for me.

Thanks baby for your unconditional love. Always willing to sacrifice your sleeping time to make extra effort to protect me and of course meet me everyday! 

I LOVE YOU!!! You are totally my protection Apollo ! And thanks got the great surprise! I love the roses and the dinner. We returned to our secret place to  had our awesome dinner :) 

Everything was perfect. Especially your hair lol. I love it

You need to style them more often.

Later of the day we spent our night laughing nonstop for the movie " the intern". Anne Hathaway is super gorgeous in the movie :)

I will make extra mile to be your perfect match! Let's work together for our future and get going!

Hehe, ok ciaoz!




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