Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wedding Photography by Wish & Co

Hi Dearies,

How is your weekend going? I had so many friends that are going to get marry within these two yrs. Time flies. Knowing that wedding is actually a big decision for everyone of us, we want to keep memories for our Wedding.

If you are going to get marry or planning to get marry, I have a good recommendation for you.

Wish & Co Korea Wedding Photography is ready for you. If you want to have a sweet winter sonata or simply taking nice wedding pictures in famous Korea travel spots, here is your chance!

About Wish & Co
Wish & Co opened up our services to couples from over 20 different countries to come and experience exceptional service and stunning photography. With the growing popularity of pre-wedding photography in Korea, Wish & Co. thought it would be a natural development to extend  their services to people around the world, and so Wish & Co. is launched.

Korean wedding photography is special simple because of the gorgeous scenery and locales available throughout our country. Wish & Co. is blessed with beautiful natural wildlife and ancient structures that speak to our heritage, and Wish & Cois proud to share the best of Korea with all of its clients. If you are looking for wedding photographers in Korea, then Wish & Co. suggest you try its service. Wish & Co will take you to the most beautiful locations throughout the area to ensure your wedding photoshoot in Korea is superb.

Additionally, Wish & Co wedding photographers in Korea are fully professional and have years of experience in Korea wedding photography. 

You can get to try out Korean Natural Hair and face makeup :)

Super stunning pictures!!! I can't wait to plan out my dream wedding with them :)

Their services include:

1. Studio 
2. Dress & Tuxedo
3. Hair & makeup
4. Package Deal

 View more of their services at their website:

Contact them today and get a quote
Tel: +82 70-4530-5375
Email: +82 70-4530-5375

Pre Wedding Photography with Wish & Co. Korea Wedding Photography

Please press HD below to see the video,This video shows the whole process about how our package works with real clients Vivienne & Edwin's photoshoot trip at Rosasposa dress shop, Museeneuf hair & make up shop and Difference studio:Pre-wedding photoshoot (4-5 hours)Vivienne & Edwin are enjoying this once-in-a-lifetime experience! 70 4530 5375

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