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[Review] Young Skin is never a dream: AVALON Stem Cell Beauty Drink

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Do you know skin aging is happening every day and it is taking our youth away from us every second?

Once we reach adulthood, most of our cells stop growing except our skin cells. The cycle of cell production and replacement takes about 28 days, skin cells die, slough off, and are replaced by new skin cells, however the process slows down with age.

Exposure to ultraviolet light, UVA or UVB, from sunlight accounts for 90% of the symptoms of premature skin aging, it damages our skin cells!

Thus, our skin cells needs nutrients to grow, when they receive little nutrients the entire cell renewal process slows down resulting in appearance of various skin problems. 
And do you know that taking Collagen alone is insufficient to fight signs of aging. 
Do you know the fundamental to having good skin is maintaining healthy skin cells. 

To fully benefit from any oral beauty supplements or skincare, it is important to have healthy skin cells. 

On average, each person requires up to 2000mg to 5000mg of collagen every day, anything more is waste as our body is unable to absorb.

AVALON Stem Cell Beauty Drink is the 1st All-In-One Orchid Stem Cell Beauty Drink in Singapore
The magic behind AVALON ™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink – Young Orchid Stem Cells
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Today, Orchid extracts (the flower as a whole) are use in multiple varieties of products including hair care, body care, and skincare products. 

However researchers have found a breakthrough in an untapped part of Orchids; its stem cells.
Do you know? Fundamental to having good skin is maintaining healthy skin cells. 
To fully benefit from any oral beauty supplements or skincare, it is important to have healthy skin cells to fully absorb and locks in the skin beneficial nutrients. 

Research discovered Orchid Stem Cell is a powerful antioxidant and possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties, particularly young orchid stem cells protect the skin from environmental damages while hydrating and renewing our skin cells thus making it an excellent youth revitaliser which works on almost all skin types. '
AVALON™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink – 6 Skin Problems, One Solution. See Results in 7 Days!

AVALON ™ Stem Cell Beauty Drink the first beauty drink in Singapore that contains Young Orchid Stem Cells. 

It enhanced with Litchi Seed Extract, Premium French Marine Collagen and a combination of Fruit Extracts, where taken together helps to repair and rejuvenate our skin cells, retain skin’s moisture, brighten skin tone, tighten pores, improve skin firmness and reduces appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, resolving 6 major skin problems with just one product!

In 7 days you can feel your skin being more supple and hydrated, and in 28 days (Our skin renews itself every 28 days) you can see your skin tone brightens up looking more radiant, pores appears to be tighter, wrinkles and fine lines will also look lighter nowthat your skin is more supple.
AVALON  Stem Cell Beauty Drink contains multiple skin beneficial ingredients in a bottle to give you ONE fuss-free beauty solution for your skin. It will repairs and rejuvenate damaged skin cells for nutrients retention especially in Collagen.

Each ingredient is an excellent skin reviver on its own, and when combined together it makes the results exceptional!

• Cell Young ® Orchid Stem Cell, Premium French Marine Collagen, Acerola Cherry, Litchi Seed Extract, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin
C), Olive Extract, Citric Acid, White Grape Juice, Litchi Juice, Apple Juice, Sparkling Water.

• Rejuvenates damaged skin cells
• Reduces wrinkles & fine lines
• Restore skin firmness & elasticity
• Brightens skin
• Tighten pores
• Locks in moisture

Retail Price: $69.90 for a box of 10!


The drink is sparkling & refreshing ! It is suitable for users of all ages! Best time to consume is one hour before bedtime :) I feel my skin is fairer and firmer! I do not have to wear heavy makeup for work :)

But remember to do your skin care routine as usual. 

Where to buy:
It is now available at Watsons, Unity Pharmacy, ALT, OG, Robinsons, Yue Hwa,

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20% OFF when entering code TSS-20OFF at checkout.

If you wanna win one,  stay tuned to as there will be a giveaway on 17 October 2016!

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