Thursday, October 27, 2016

You don't need people to comment on your life~

Hi Dearies,

After 4 years working in Singapore I am officially a PR :)

I am glad I finally can apply a BTO with J and enjoy most privileges while working and staying in Singapore.

Just a small thought, I was contacted by one of my uni bff and he asked me about our uni mate who i long forgotten.

At first, I think I know him just for a year and we no longer hang out. So he is probably just an acquaintance.

If you went abroad for school, you should know there are so many friends come and go in your life and you just can't do anything. It is a matter of choice for people.

I was asked this questions before: I friend with you, invest in so many time and if you went back Malaysia, we will no longer meet and did I waste my time?

To me, the answer is always No.

Because I will pay in the same effort people put in me, instead of thinking what you will lose.

Anyway this is life.

Many of we so called "Best friends", we used to shower/sleep together we forgot those memories.

Of course who will remember the "acquaintance" you met on 6 years ago.

So the story continues, my friend replied "Unbelievable" that I forgot people and start to comment on myself for being a "workaholic" after i sharing with him I don't even remember my so called "BFF memories"

This is so not true. I don't work as hard in my career. I leave work on time and do not work from home.
Credit to: Rachel Wolchin

Well, life is a journey with happiness and sadness. You get to CHOOSE your path. If you everyday keep thinking about your past you will not move on.

If people don't cherish you, why bother?
You get to choose who you wanna hang out, who you wanna comment on facebook or spent your monthly call charge with right? even pressing a "like" waste your 2 seconds!

What i wanna say is don't waste time on people who don't even spare that 2 seconds to you, because they are not worth it. 

Your BFF will be those following your feeds and stories. And of course your family who will stand behind you no matter what happened. Please please spare a 20 mins to talk to your family apart from your love life or work. They spent their whole life nurtured you to be who you are today!


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