Sunday, July 1, 2018

Beware of 24 hours services Plumbers Adv Online

Hi Dearies,

Recently I am working on renovation for my new home and I would like to share with you my 2013 plumber scam story with you.

Firstly, do not trust 24 hours services, come to help you at early hours. There is no such thing. If you saw this kind of advertisement online or via newspaper pls do not trust. They will assist you the second morning. And you will have all sorts of problem later.

Secondly, do not trust reliable, 24 hours hotline etc... They will scam you no matter what.

Here come the interesting part: When they come they said the problem, and how to rectify, and give you an amount to be charged. Please do not trust them. Back in 2013 I am too naive, believe people do business with honesty. Basically plumber should do business based on skill and knowledge and most important is integrity right, so people come back to you and you get more business. But what i experienced is the worst. They will give you an amount, i believe is $1200 to replace my water heater and wiring work. And to me I want to settle it at the fastest time, so I ask for $800 for its to be done and they act a bit and finally said ok.

Please do not agree on any amount more than $500. You rather pay them the $50 transport fee for nothing to be done. Because they are just trying luck and their cost is utmost $300.

Alrighty, this is my sharing with you all. Another tip is call your 24 hours hotline etc business and ask what is their registration company and read their reviews online. They keep changing their registration company so they can keep on scam us. Always remember if flooding happen, close your tap and wait for the next morning and get it fix. Hurrying and worrying just made us easier to fall into other people trap!

And when you realized you paying more, there is nothing you can do. Even going to casetrust, they will ask a mediator to liaise in between both parties and there are more time and money wasted to get your money back.

Always engage with HDB Listed plumbers or contractors:

Or visit harvey norman, courts or best denki and they will recommend you good and reliable plumbers for you. The plumbers recommended by main retailers are normally good and reliable, and they wont ruin their reputation for just single one transaction.

Beware of the words " 24 hours" and always alert.

Plus after half a year of my water heater replacement, I engaged another plumbers recommend by the hdb shop and he told me that the wiring had been deliberately cut off to ensure I encountered connecting issue within months. This is so absurd


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