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[Tioman Trip] 3 days 2 nights Trips to Tioman Island Malaysia

Hi Dearies,

Finally I am going to blog about the Malaysia Island- Tioman Trip back in June.

I am going to share about how to go and what you can enjoy there for a 3 days 2 nights and what to expect.

I took the early morning bus to Mersing and then we will need to take the ferry to tioman.

I booked the KKKL bus and due to the holiday season, my 6.30am bus schedule is changed to 5.30am and surprisingly there is no jam at the causeway to Johor. I reached Mersing at 9am and have to wait few hours before my friends reach Mersing.

And make sure you dont drink water because at the ferry terminal, the toilet is locked and open at 10am.

We met with the agent, David 0197842877, you can contact him on the day of your preference and directly book the ferry tickets with him.

After you collected the tickets, you will need to proceed to the ferry pick up terminal point and exchange the tickets again. And we forgot about the exchanging tickets and it delayed us from boarding the ferry on time.

The ferry was packed with people and I have to squeeze through the people and the boat is LATEEEE! I think we board the ferry around 4pm and our scheduled ferry is 2.30pm. And the ferry was shaking all the times and I almost vomit out. Luckily we didnt have any meal before the journey. I managed to finish one novel from morning till 6pm. The journey took about 2 hours to Tioman. And they will stop at Genting, Paya, Tekek, ABC and Salang.


Look at the waves. And I feel each ferry is overloaded with luggage and people. When we arrived we look for cab but there are only some cars waiting at the jetty to fetch you from one point to another. A trip from Jetty to go deeper they are going to charge us for RM 6 per pax. So we negotiated abit and they managed to offer us RM6 from jetty--> Duty free shop--> go deeper Chalet.

The locals are friendly just the ride are overpriced. I guess they can earn quite a lot simply by fetching tourist from one point to another. And after the ride, they even hand us a name card. Haha.

Duty Free at Tekek. You can get cheap alcohol such as hard liquor, wines and beer at super low prices. My friends bought chocolates and I managed to get some alcohols before heading back to chalet.


Finally we reached. During this trip we stayed at Tekek because I read the reviews, and Go deeper Chalets  is highly recommended by youngsters and divers.

I love the design, unique tube room with a comfy bed. If you dont mind sharing toilet with others, this is quite a cool accommodation choice for you. 
One room per night is RM 290. And the Person In Charge- Jody is super friendly.


Can you imagine how hungry we were at that moment? Haha, I can swallow a whole cow. Go deeper chalets comes with a bar and dining area. They serves burger, fried rice and noodles. 

Night. we had a small party to chit chat about our recent life. We brought instant noodles, snacks from Malaysia so even the food is terrible in the island, we still dont feel hungry at night.

Second day.

We woke up and my room is super cold. Haha, luckily my roomate still tolerate the coldness with me.
I can stay in cold room but I can't stand living under hot temperature.

Jody is nice and he offered us free breakfast for our two days stay.

Dont have high expectation on the island. The food is so-so.

Shuang and Me

After the breakfast, we decided to walk around. And near our chalet, there is a sunset bar and we walked towards that area. Time for lots and lots of photo.


The water is clear

Lunch- We managed to have our lunch at another chalet but we didn't take any photo because we are too hungry.

Afternoon- We chill and decided to get into the water. We decided to snorkel outside our chalet. We did not take any package although it was cheap.

RM 30 per pax to get the snorkeling gears haha. We rent one and share among us. RM 8 for snorkelling mask and RM 2 for the bread, and there is no time limit. We managed to try out and being surrounded by lots of fishes.

Great experiences as this is my first time snorkeling.

Ride to Restaurant:


Dinner: Warong Syahirah


This is recommended by Trip Advisor! Haha, but sorry to say the food is so-so.

We spent RM 270 for 2 BBQ fish, 6 big prawns, Squids, vegetables, Seafood Tom Yum Soup, fried Rice and cold drinks.

Night- We walked around to Duty Free shop for more alcohols and ice creams. Great experience but there are not much things you can do at night except eating and sleeping haha.

I am amazed with my friends socializing skill. They managed to hitch a ride for all of us and we can go back our rooms without any charge. The driver is one of the workers from Juara beach and they were shopping for alcohols same time with us. And he said he came from Indonesia and work here for few years. Previously he worked at Batam. Quite a kind lad and hope he can go back home and work there.

FUN night together. We had so much laughter and thanks for always by my side. Even though the trip is not a perfect one but we did so much things together!!!

Third Day

Going back home. Again, we paid for a ride back RM6 per pax. And we will need to exchange ferry ticket by filling out IC no and full name on their paper. A 2 hours ride back to Mersing.

After we reached Mersing. My friend and I need to take the bus ride back to Singpaore. We booked the ride from WTS Travel & Tours Pte Ltd.

Worst Experince Ever. Avoid at all cost. Only trust KKKL. They are experienced and on time.

Our bus is 6pm. We waited till 730pm and there are no bus and keep calling them (singapore no available only). And guess what, they are on the way etc.. wasting our time and they are so irresponsible. Because of their replies we did not get on other buses or travel choices. So irresponsible and we wasted more money to travel back.

At the end, we have no choice but to find other alternatives. I left 730pm and managed to reach home at 1215am taking a cab at SGD 13 from Bugis.

Overall, great experience. If you have any questions about Tioman, drop me a message I will try to answer them :)


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