Tuesday, October 23, 2018

How to save money when you moving house

Hi Dearies,

I have been busy moving house and didn't update much on my blog.

Two updates:

I am officially a house owner :)

Planning on my wedding next.

Getting a house in Singapore is not an easy task. Everything are so expensive :(

Luckily I knew some friend from retail shop and gave me huge discount on electronics and some friends to help us with renovation.

Here are some tips for you if you wanna save bucks when moving:

1. Measure Measure Measure

Before you go for shopping, please make sure you have the right measurement before getting anything.

2. Moving Packing

Find some boxes at your nearby convenience shop or supermarket and save money for getting box.

3. Ask for help from friends

Asking friends with car or helping hands when you pack everything, you may choose Grab rides or Ryde to carry stuffs to your new house. Get a trolley, it will help you prevent from backache.

4. Plan ahead

Buying bed etc from fair months before. You may arrange delivery close to your moving date. And your finance won't be that tight. Use good credit card with 0% interest and earn rebates.

5. Cleaning

Chemical wash etc is costly. You can get good tile cleaner from Home Fix at around 20 Bucks.Get a pair of gloves and start your cleaning. It is not that difficult. Get some basic cleaning tools from Dollars Shop or daiso save your life.

6. Shopping

Shopping for furniture, curtains and other decorative items are expensive if you buy at design stores. I choose Ikea & Japan Homes for budget friendly coffee table, carpet and curtain. If you are really tight, you can use ezbuy.com for China Made good quality furniture. The only thing I dislike will be the waiting time, if you opted for Prime membership, the shipping cost is not an issue.

P/S: I realized I can get some cheap household items from Carousell but I got everything now haha.

Get some plants in your house, it will bring energy to your house :)


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