Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Welcome to the three-Oh Club

Hi Dearies,

I had accomplished so much this year and thankful for my family and love ones for staying by my side.

Hopefully my 30s will treat me good.

Happy November

Finally had some time to spend with close friends and family for my birthday and thank you all that remember me :) and gave me the special surprise.

Of course thanks to Popcorn Singapore, I conquered my fear to enter haunted house with my love.

Thanks to my sweet lady boss and colleagues for a sumptuous treat :)

And of course not to forget my sweet other half who prepared a spicy hotpot for me , with some romantic surprise :) in our own home.

Life is a journey full of surprise. I am trying to act like a 30s and look like a 20s. And thanks God that I am happy for my life. Dare to dream and chase after the life you wanted.


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