Saturday, September 7, 2019

Did you apply the mask correctly ?

Hi Dearies,

Do you know the right way to apply mask for best result?

Applying mask is good for hot weather and give skin an extra hydration steps . However did you use it correctly?

3 common mistakes we made when we apply mask

1. Tap your skin using fingertips to help better nutrient absorption

WRONG. The motion of tapping the Essence in mask will bring dust and dirt in the air to the skin!!! Your pore is open and it will make the pore be clogged and the nutrients are harder to be absorbed.

2.  Skip the cleansing step after mask

WRONG!! The excess Essence from the mask will stay on your skin and may cause the dusk to accumulate in your pore , so you still need to wash your face with water. Plus, you need to apply moisturiser to lock in the Essence else they will be dry out overnight.

3. Apply the  extra Essence in mask package on your face ?

WRONG! You do not do this, because overly lay Essence to your skin burden it’s condition. It will not be better and caused stress. You can apply it to neck, hand and leg.

I will share with you my favourite mask 

I use innisfree Super volcanic pore clay three times a week for a complete detox and deep cleanse

For sheet mask, I love Étude house and Dr Morita , effective and affordable.



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