Friday, September 6, 2019

My Big day: 16.06.2019

Yeah, finally I could get sometimes to recap and share with you my big day details.

** Exciting**

There are a lot of  people I would like to thanks to making J and my big day a success.

Wedding Coordinator: Fleur Design

Definitely thanks Esmond and team for their wonderful tips and planning to make our day a success. They are super experienced and wonderful in creating beautiful brides and groom. I also managed to grab a wedding dress from them at affordable pricing.

Good tip: Check out their warehouse sale, make an appointment and you can get good deal there :)

Makeup trial and trying my wedding gown

Wedding cake: Prima Deli

Wedding Venue: Peach Blossoms, Marina Mandarin

I did my ROM and wedding both in the same venue. Millions thanks to Ms Vivien for her kind planning and we love the arragement for the tea room.

There were many preparations prior to the big day, but thanksful to my hubby for going through the details with me. And thanks to Esmond, he introduced us an experienced photographer who is efficient in capturing every lovely moments during my wedding :) Happy!

And all the guests are happy for every details and surprise we prepared for them.Overall, planning on your big day is a fun experience and you learnt to understand the marriage commitment and communicate with both side of the family.


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