Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Skype with my darlings

Midterms Week!!!!!!!!!

Can't believe this week, i have so much homeworks in a row and papers due~

It will be a long week for me and of course it is CNY 2011...

I am sure i will be staying up in library with my laptop working on my stupid paper about 1960's labor system and missing my family~!

Oh well, this year is a year of Rabbit, next year ..... will be the year of DRAGON~~~

This year the predictions for the DRAGON will be

  • dragon will have lots of lucky stars this year~protecting them *
  • dragon will obtain positive results in the changes they made in this Rabbit year * which means my diet plan is going to work*
  • dragon will see their fortunes and feng shui getting better *invest invest*
  • career star for dragons will shine * good time to start a business*
  • dragon can obtain fame and promotion in career
  • *must not be arrogant*
  • dragon will have great improvement on health
  • have to watch their diet *phew, calories calculator i need u*
  • may face danger in water sport * oh say no to cruise*
  • *gentle smile* will bring dragon good luck!!!
  • Hehe, compatible animal sign for dragon will be rat, monkey and rooster *oops, i am getting old*
How to get rid of Bad LUCK~
  1. put some amulets that belong to dragon and rooster in the wealth position in the house.
I represent the Earth Dragon whose are born between 17/2/1988-5/2/1989

We are known to be having broad interests and clear goals in our life. This year will be a great year for us to make more money $$$$$$$$$$$.


What'r u planning to do in CNY?

I miss the firecrackers and delicious Malaysian food!

All of the sudden, i realized i have been away from home for a long time... time flies ! and i cannot believe i am already 22 going to 23 this year.

I wish i can see some lion dancing and have some reunion dinner with my friends. I know it will be hard for us to meet again in future but i will always remember our memory together as a big family at OSU.

农历新年aka 春

I wish that all of my friends, family and everyone to have a prosperous, lucky and longevity year ahead. I also wish that Egypt people will have peace in their mind. It is sad to see that people fight for their country well-being and willing to sacrifice one for a better tomorrow. CNY is a great time to reconcile, forgetting all the resentment, and wish for good luck and happiness for everyone.

All in all, it is a great time fir us to celebrate a brand new year with family and friends. I hope everyone will have great food and 恭喜發財,紅包拿來~~~