Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Green Hornet

I can't say that i am not a Jay Chou fan, because i enjoy his acting, movie, talent and etc.. he proved to the world that HE can make a difference!!
It really caught me by surprised me the new movie The Green Hornet and he has to speak English all the times. The story talked about how a rich but useless newspaper publisher Britt Reid met Kato- a man who changed his life. Kato is starred by Jay Chou as Britt's assistant (but i do not think he is just an assistant). In my opinion, he guided Britt to become a better person and save his life several times! He built the black beauty-coolest car ever, made the tastiest coffee in the world, Karate expert, pianist and etc....
The storyline focuses on their dream to become superheroes, conflicts occurred when Britt thought he can be the superhero himself and their enemies want to get rid of challenges their friendship, trust to defeat the bad guys~

I totally loveit ~


I am glad that i do not have early class tomorrow and thankfully at 2.41am at this time, i can still write the post and not feeling sleepy at all.
It is officially Chinese New Year now but i did not have any holiday mood.... no great food, no family and no TIME to fully have a great celebration in OSU. I was supposed to study at library and start off writing on my silly socio paper.... It is taking me forever to open a new word file to work on it!!!! Gosh, give me STRENGTH!!

Anyways, i miss all my friends in Malaysia... I wish u guys enjoy the good food for me...

and Yippppeeeee for my good friend Josephine , she is officially engaged and is going to get marry in June 2011!!!! I am happy for her to start a new journey in marriage...but i knew she is going to be a PRETTY Bride...

Teeeheee, i will try to go for your reception but OSU scheduled my graduation on the same week... I have to work it out :P

*Big Congratss to you girl*

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