Saturday, April 12, 2014

I love Yo! All-in-1 Yogurt Cleanser- cleanse and remove all make up in 1 minute

Dear reader,

Tired of work? school? and still wanna look good?
I'm sure we, as a lady we never stop ourselves from looking fabulous even if we're tired. So lets do a self test. How much time do you spend per day to complete your makeup, remove them and after that start your skincare routine?
I personally spent about 20 mins for my morning applying my skin care products plus my makeup- only simple eyeliner and concealer.
After my one day schedule (including work, gym or dating..) I need to spend ten mins remove my makeup, 45 mins to shower & cleanse my entire face and finally 25 mins to apply body lotions and skin care products. 
So how much time left for me to rest or watch tv or other relaxing activities?

To be honest, we don't have much time.. Because we want to look good, look young and pretty!

Are you always running out of time and lazy to remove your makeup throughly and wanted to save some time to catch your favourite show or get more sleep?

Good new for you!

You need I love Yo! All-in-1 Yogurt Cleanser.

Thanks to SampleStore, I received the brand new I love Yo! All-in-1 Yogurt Cleanser.
The Strawberry Flavor!! Yum Yum
When I first open the cleanser, it smells like candy. 

I Love Yo! All-in-1 Yogurt Cleanser is a cleanser and makeup remover. It is non-oily, non-alcoholic organic cleanser that suitable for all skin types!

Let me show you why you need this cleanser:

  • It saves time because you can skip the step of using eye & Face make-up remover to remove the dirts and stubborn make up. Now, you can use this cleanser to remove them all!
  • Big pores? Using too much BB cream or foundation and worry to get more pimples or itchy skin? Fret not. I love yo yogurt cleanser will unclog your pores even your waterproof makeup!
  • It's dermatologically testedOphthalmologically tested (means which means that they have been certified safe to use around the delicate area around the eye-quoted from website )
  • And Minimizes skin irritation- suitable for sensitive skin)
  • No irritation on the eyes (as above)
  • Gentle on the delicate eye contour area- Anti wrinkle :)
  • Prevents breakouts- Say no to pimples
  • Soothing sensation after use (cooling sensation)
Lots of bubbles on my face :) One minute testing starts!

One min later...

Left: Me with eye makeup (eyeliner and eye shadows)
Right: No makeup residue on my face 
Check the photo above!
Tips: Do not use towel to rub your wet face. It is always better to use tissue (facial) to dry your skin before your skin care routine.

Now I can throw my makeup remover away because they are usually oily :(

I know you must be anxious to try out this revolutionary product suitable for busy girls like me :) 

Now it is available only in Guardian. You may easily find a STORE nearby you now!
(Available for the month of April 2014 only)

You can now look good while having your makeup all day long. No more clogged pores and pimples outbreak :)

Thank to 
I Love Yo! with 100% natural ingredients.


  1. cool! saw this on Qoo10 but not sure if I should buy, then stumbled onto your blog. thanks for the review!

  2. Yes, good choice. I used it daily and it smells super nice :) And you just need a small tiny amount to make bubbles on your face:)