Saturday, April 19, 2014

WOW! Darlie All Shiny White Charcoal Clean

Dear readers,

Happy Easter Weekend! 

I know we-ladies want to have sparkling white teeth so we can have the sweetest and charming smile in the world. But LED or laser Whitening treatment is so expensive that we can't make ourselves paying that amount of money to try it out- maybe the effect won't be long lasting either if you're a coffee addict like me.

I tried hundred of ways- such as using banana skins rubbing on my teeth surface, trying to drink coffee with a straw, trying to floss day and night, chewing an apple a day, eating whitening mints daily... IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!

It did help me to keep my teeth stain-free but still yellowish :( 

I heard one of the most effective ways is to get a tan :( But I want to be a snow white!!!! 

Argh so apparently the only way is to use a whitening toothpaste that is effective and you can see a result.

THANKS TO SAMPLESTORE, I give Darlie All Shiny White a try!

Thus, after several tries, Darlie All Shiny White Charcoal Clean is your solution!

Left is after
Right is before

It contains Natural Bamboo Charcoal Molecules! So it helps to absorb all the dirts! If you clean your toothbrush frequently, you will notice that our toothbrush always accumulate dirt or food chips that is hard to be removed. That's why we need to frequently change our toothbrush.

see the texture? It's grey mix with white- abit like ying yang :) And it has a chewing gum fragrance. It helps prolong my time brushing the teeth :)

It is :

  • Clinical proven effectively whiten your teeth in 14 days.
  • Speedy Whitening Agent (SWA) removes yellowish stains- I used to drink coffee daily.
  • Contains natural bamboo charcoal molecules effectively absorb dirt and deeply clean your mouth. Act like a detergent to clear your dirt!
  • Contains natural bamboo charcoal molecules which absorb dirt and deep clean the mouth.
  • Fluoride for healthy teeth - No more decay if you brush properly

I used it three times per day after meal together with whitening floss. It's important that we brush our teeth every time after we ate something :) Especially sweet food!

Can't wait to try it out?

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Want to try before changing a new toothpaste?
It's available at SampleStore!
Click here to get Darlie Charcoal sample from Sample Store to try it out!!!

Or just visit your nearest supermarket and grab one NOW! It's only S$3.20/160g
(Now Available at selected major NTUC FairPrice, Giant, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, Prime and other leading supermarkets, Watsons, Guardian, Unity and other cosmetic stores).

It's never too hard now to get a shiny and sparkling white teeth! Smile :) 

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