Friday, April 11, 2014

Skin Problem- RESOLVED

Hi Readers,

It's April of 2014. And well few months before, i was struggling with my acnes and dehydrated skin problems. And I have to seek help from Beauty Centres to get rid of big acnes and remove the dead skin. However, I realized that my skin conditions still not improve after 2 sessions (maybe because I didn't visit them on monthly basis).

Therefore, I tried to watch a taiwanese talk show-女人我最大 .

To be honest, the show is very very interesting. It covers makeup tips, skin care products, hair styling tips, body care products, dressing/matching clothes teaching on the spot and many more. And I found the solutions in one of the episodes.

Since young, I seldom have major issue on my face. I seldom spend time or money on buying expensive toner or skincare products and even I have some given by friends and family, I don't bother to use it- Maybe because I was young and the skin won't have much problem...

Since the beginning of Nov last year, my skin is dry.. I found light wrinkles and eye bag near my eyes area... i was terrified because you know girls... our priority is always to look good and young! And then... After the panicking- I tried all my way to save my face! 

I'm going to blog about my skin story really soon!

You no need to worry if you have acnes scars and keep on cover it with BB cream anymore.

I can now get rid of BB cream and apply sun screen only.Want to know my secret? Stay tuned.


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