Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Travelling to meet J

Recently J is back to IPPT training and I am so bored and finally we get to meet up for a short while for dinner before we get to go out again on weekend :) 

I recently had a huge pimple on my chin and I tried to apply my Aesop mask and it's getting smaller a bit :( but it's still pretty obvious! I guess I need to control my diet. No more durian I guess.

Today I started to play an app -" Trade Hero". At the beginning I thought I was going to lose money but turn out it's not! I was using the virtual money. Scared me because when I start to trade I lost money instantly! Luckilly it's not a real stock trading portal otherwise it's definitely a way to donate away your savings!

The night at Buona vista :) it's a place with less people! 

The cute doggy who is obedient and smart! 

Back home I unwrapped my shopping hauls from my recent purchase!!!!


It's simply nice :) pardon me for my messy table

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