Friday, July 4, 2014

[Beware] My Terrible experience with TK-Trichokare

Dear all,

After reading several reviews talking about TK-Trochokare, tha holistic hair and scalp care centre that provides European Herbal remedies catered to all hair conditions. I feel it's time I share with you my recent experience.

When I visited TK- Trichokare (the newly open "salon" at Orchard Central for a treatment. J bought a trial for me at SGD 45 for a deep cleansing and ex foliating treatment which targeting hair loss problem because I have been complaining to him how much hair I lost daily :[

First of all, we went on time and we waited about 20 minutes to meet the consultant who apparently is the Salesperson that is going to sell us their services. Luckily this time I went with J and we were expecting that after checking our scalp, we will proceed to the treatment.

But apparently it's not the case. The girl started to inspect our scalp and I told her I have some dandruff problem since I was young because I love using my mum comb. Then she was in shock, "so you've been facing the issue for more than 15 years, blah blah blah.." But to be honest, who do not have dandruff problem. However, I don't think mine is a serious case because I wash my hair daily and it never affect my daily life. Then she continues "targeting" me by saying that I started to have lose hair at my front hair. But I don't feel I'm losing hair on my front lor. I lose more hair at my back.

Of course she continues to psycho me to sign up her package after I telling her that I won't buy any services I don't know or I never try before. And come on, who will buy a 5 times scalp treatment for 160 each without trying it out? unless you're rich of course you won't care.

Later, she started to cut the price from 160 to 70... I was like how come you so dishonest? Maybe that is part of the sell tactics. But it's definitely not convincing. So after one hour of saying no, she let me try the treatment. Basically, the first step is applying a hair mask for me (she said she is giving it for me for free) ---> wash hair ---------> blow dry----------->apply hair tonic ----------------> dry using a machine (to help it absorb but its basically a not so hot heater :[

I feel a hair salon can basically did all the job but only charge you 20% of the price. I did a hair treatment at Far east which give me a soft and silky hair only cost me about $25.

I really don't get it. And the service isn't that impressive.

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  1. I totally agree with you! This is my letter of feedback to Trichokare:


    thank you for giving me the opportunity to trial your hair treatment.

    On Saturday, I went to the TK Velocity branch. Beforehand, I was informed when booking the appointment that it would take only 2 hours for the treatment.

    I got there at 10am. And then I was closed in a room for about 20min to wait until my mind went numb.

    Then I was “lectured” and psychoed about the poor quality of my scalp. For more than 1 hour! I told the salesperson I have a 3 month old baby and 2 other babies at home.

    She kept talking about packages until I asked her about the trailing the treatment first. So she took me to put a hair mask on my head, etc etc. That took about 1 hour.

    After that I was “lectured” and psychoed to buy TK products.

    By the time I left, I had spent more than 3 hours on Velocity TK premises.

    It takes me 1 hour to get to TK Velocity and 1 hour to get home to my children. In total, I wasted more than 5 hours of my day.

    And for what? For the torture of listening to a TK sales person badger me about buying TK stuff.

    The sales person quoted me SGD$6000+ for 20 treatments, and then $3000+ for 10 treatments and then $1599+ for 5 treatments. And some serum or whatever for $300+ a bottle and shampoo at $50+ a bottle.

    My mother trialed the same treatment at Nex, and was only recommended to purchase a few home-care products (at some high, exorbitant price). She was not asked to do any treatments at all. My friend trialed the same treatment and was asked to purchase treatments which began quoting at $300 and went down to $70 per treatment.

    I asked if TK products are organic and the salesperson said “Don’t worry, all our stuff are highly researched and produced by research.” Research of what? And what about my question?

    TK products state “Organic” on the bottles. Which ingredient is organic? There are no organic certifications anywhere and the products are full of chemicals!

    I told the salesperson I only use organic shampoos. She said TK products have no preservatives! OMG. The products are sitting in front of me and as she said this I am reading the ingredients. There are at least 3 preservatives (parabens) in the products!

    Now I want to know why I was “treated” and analysed by a salesperson and not a real trichologist as led to believe would happen. Obviously the sales person was not qualified to speak to me regarding trichology!

    I am trained in herbology, medicine and alternative medicine. For the sales person to be speaking to me as if she knew anything about herbs, etc was highly inappropriate. She was unable to answer my questions and constantly dodged them by digressing to something else.

    The sales tactics used by TK Velocity is embarrassing. Such tactics are low-class and already phased out many years ago after numerous complaints by customers. Why does TK a “high class” brand use such low-class tactic?

    In summary, I was glad I got to see my scalp magnified but that could have been done at many other hair salons free of charge. I did not particularly learn anything other than that the TK sales person was more concerned about me giving TK large amounts of my money for TK “treatments” and products. We have experienced such dishonesty from TK. From the lack of integrity in quoting prices for treatments and products, to the ingredients, and to the time wasting.

    I have many questions: I would like to know, are any of TK stuff certified organic? Who certifies the organic status? Why was I told there are no preservatives when obviously there are many. Why I was treated by a salesperson? Why the great price difference between branches and sales persons?

    Please explain.

    Thank you for your time

    1. Totally agreed. Beware of their promotion and terrible services. They will psycho you to buy their package, if you don't do it, they will anyhow wash your hair and that's it. Waste our time and money to listen to their crap.

  2. Me too I was too soft hearted to accept to buy the damn expensive hair Tonic n shampoo at $223. Now heart is so painful n cry no tear. !_!

    1. Awww, next time must remember to say no :)

  3. which salon in Far East gave you a good but inexpensive hair treatment?