Saturday, July 12, 2014

Buyfromwhere:The Singapore Consumer (Tech) Guide

Hi Readers,

Are you always searching for good deals online and do some research before your actual purchase? I do!

Now here is the good new! Buyfromwhere was born out of a mission to educate the Singapore consumer on making a wise purchase (mostly on tech items).

I personally found it super useful because i'm always looking for the cheapest deal online and I read their post about guide to buy from Taobao.

Of course I know Taobao-the biggest online shopping portal in China. But if you do not read Chinese or basically never shop online before and want to shop there you may need some expert to teach you. And Buyfromwhere  offers their awesome guide for you HERE!

Apart from that, you could read more about shopping tips, retailer guides, product offers etc from their website!

It's so cool to find out that Zalora is having a 10% cashback program in January!
Time to stock up some new year clothes and shoes!!!

Hurry up! Log on to Buyfromwhere & be a wise shopper in 2015.

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