Sunday, August 24, 2014

Craftech Printing Services- World class printing services

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Interested in finding good deals for printing business catalogue, brochures etc? It's time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to your market your business :]

Plastic cards are perfect for promoting a professional company image and they are cost-effective, eye catching and durable. 

Try Craftech Printing services-for reliable, affordable, high quality plastic cards and plastic card printing services. 

Craftech Printing Services was founded in 1993 under the principles of providing world class printing services to businesses in all market niches, they are specialize in our exclusive MemoStix products and provide an extensive range of services in the graphic design and printing industry. 

CRAFTECH, is considered an industry innovator that consistently improves the process and quality of plastic cards to producer better plastic cards faster. Whether the plastic cards needed are to be printed in one color, or brilliant full color, using 4-color process,
CRAFTECH offers the highest quality service, reliability and pricing. 

CRAFTECH, is proud to offer the same high quality service whether a client is ordering 250 business cards, of 1,000,000 plastic gift cards. Providing this level of service, quality and reliability is what has set 
CRAFTECH apart from the competition. 

Offering services ranging from card design and fulfillment from conception to completion, many businesses rely on the expertise of CRAFTECH, to assist in their direct marketing needs using plastic cards. 

CRAFTECH creates custom solutions for every client in order to maximize your return on investment. CRAFTECH offer a wide range of professional, effective printing solutions designed specifically to suit your needs and the needs of your business. 

Join the thousands of already satisfied customers who depend on.

CRAFTECH for all of their business and marketing printing and graphic design needs.

CRAFTECH offer a multitude of professional services including:

·         MemoStix
·         Printing
·         Graphic Design
·         Plastic Cards
·         Label Printing
·         Editorial
·         Copywriting
·         Content Marketing                                                                                                                   

CRAFTECH has received many industry accolades and has built a reputation as being the foremost provider of professional business printing and graphic design services. We recently received the 2014 Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise Award for our hard work and innovation in our field. Our professional staff is trained to provide our customers with practical business solutions that will resonate greatly with your corporate marketing strategy.

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You can enhance the image of your business and ensure that you make a profitable impression on your customers today! :) Start your marketing promotion today with 

Kindly call CRAFTECH at 923786 88 


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