Monday, August 11, 2014

Adpasar- your online pasar in Singapore

Dear readers,

How was your National Day Weekend? I found an exciting website: ADPASAR you could start selling your unwanted or business products for FREE!


Adpasar-"Pasar" is a Malay and Indonesian word literally means "market" or marketplace. Traditionally in Singapore and some neighboring countries, the word "Pasar" is commonly used when referring to wet market where the locals shop for meat, fish, vegetables and fruits etc.

Adpasar will bring great convenience for every single person in Singapore who wishes to find good deals or sell online. If you like to be flexible and deal fast, it is our hope that you will find adpasar the right place for you to shop or make money instantly.

Yes it's absolutely free, compared to Ebay or Qoo10. It's absolutely great for people like me, who don't want to pay the hidden cost or commission just to get listed or sell. Its hard for seller to mark up including the commission or sometimes shipping fee to compete with other sellers..

There're plenty of categories for you to choose.. I found my favorite drama series online:

It's easy to manage your account and its FREE!!

I'm going to start selling my old drama and some old story books :) 

And there're so many interesting books I could try :)

See, its only SGD 4!!!!

What're you waiting for??? Start selling your items and earn money today!
You could find some good items at a very low price!
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