Monday, August 4, 2014

Fun outing with my girls-Trickeye Museum & Sentosa

Yes! I finally visited Trickeye Museum Singapore with my love ones.

And I met with my best friend for over 13 years -Shuang and her darling Wea Han for the very first time. They look sweet together and glanced back what we been through, I realized that both of us grown up so fast. I missed the time we both talk loud in class, gossip inside the lab, ask you silly questions about what is my ranking inside your heart blah blah.. Indeed, we grew up and experience new stuffs. But I think everything is unchanged, you're still popular and gentle of course still can pose pretty well :)

My favourite pic of the day
Art of love or our love?

Mermaid in the house :)

Let me give u a hand

Be good and I'm gonna "eat" you

I'm inside a snow globe :)

Practising ballet

Sweet couple


Smile!! BFFS

Finding my balance

I'm cycling on the sky with a pair of wing!
I'm dying :P

haha funny house

Dolphin King and Queen!
Okay we managed to spend one day of quality time but the Sun is melting me :( It's important to wear short pant and short sleeve in Sentosa. You will be sweating like an ice cube. I don't know why the day I feel like my face is wet all the times, and my eyeliner came off with my sweat and when I reached home... I found myself in smoky eye look :[

Terrible.. terrible.. and no one tell me anything. I guess they're simply too nice. But it is sad because I want to look good with my girls :( Of course, it is a great day spent. We had our dinner at the Slappy Cakes at RWS

For your information, they will make a special waffle for a birthday boy or girl - Few days in advance.However, I'm too slow to order that for the birthday boy. The entire experience is great but.. I found it abit pricey. You simply can't get enough by eating a tub (pathetic small) of pancake mix for dinner right? It is maybe sufficient for a kid stomach :[ And it costs about SGD 8 dollars without additional topping.. It's simply not enough, and the add on item are simply little---> enough for maybe two piece of pancakes?


Overall we enjoy it because we manage to practise some drawing.
Happy birthday WeaHan

Siloso beach
My kitty couple!! YUMM My creation!!

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