Monday, October 6, 2014

Need a private investigator or a Japanese teacher? Masaji is ready to serve you

Dear Reader,

Interested in the following services? Look for Masaji on Fiverr. He is a licensed private investigator. He also know a lot about Japan & fluent in Japanese and English. He determined to make sure your work is done.

The best part is... some of the gigs below start at USD $ 5!!!

  1. Proofread your Japanese
  2. Translate your document to English /Japanese
  3. Search for something for you on a Japanese Website
  4. Write an anonymous letter from Utah
  5. Locate anybody in USA or Japan* -Contact seller for more information
  6. Create your name in Kanji
  7. Give you advice on Japan Se* industry
  8. Check any USA license plates no information
  9. Proofread your English
  10. Private investigation in Japan- Price varies~
  11. Reverse Phone Search- Search for anonymous caller- USA phone no. only
  12. Teach you Japanese for 60 minutes on Skype
  13. Provide you a list of 500 Japanese dating websites
  14. Mail you an unique handmade Jewelry from Japan

* Remarks: Please discuss the information before any purchase to avoid any disputes.

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