Tuesday, October 7, 2014

#SCARS- Download a FREE copy of #SCARS soundtrack today!

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#SCARS is NEW South African Teen Adventure Film that talked about four random teenagers are pulled together by fate when they discover the two things they have in common: Superpowers! And one sinister neighborhood mom.

Watch the trailer now:


Vanessa, a manipulative and sickly science-hungry woman discovers a cure in the DNA of Shane,  a young attractive but rebellious teenager and his easily seduced father, Cameron. Her desire to heal her physical condition spawns a secret science procedure that leaves any victim with a mysterious super ability.  

Four random teenagers are pulled together by fate when they discover the one thing they have in common: Superpowers!

Chloe, a soft risk-averse 15 year old girl learns that she can immobilize any form of aggression and at the same time present an answer to her victim’s deepest question.  

After a demoralizing experience at the school dance, Sepo, a fat, insignificant 14 year old Zulu boy notices he has been cursed with invisibility. The hard-ass Ariana is almost raped when she is rescued by her ability to read material history. She escapes by using her attacker’s own knife against him.

Shane did not fall prey under the experimental claws of Vanessa. He was born with the ability to hear other people’s thoughts and the only thing that can free him from the noises in his head is playing on his guitar.

The supernatural plot unfolds in an array of events; Cameron is kidnapped, Chloe sets out to rescue, Fritz, her prince charming, Sepo embraces his new talent and uses his invisibility to overcome rivalry, Ariana is swept into Vanessa’s evil conspiracy, Shane learns to accept the voices in his head as they lead him to his father.

Will these four teenagers use their powers for bad or will they pull together and muster their gifts for the good in order to save their town and cease Vanessa’s unorthodox and sinister science program. 


The goal of every FADCreationS project is to transform culture through uplifting entertainment. #SCARS fulfils that mandate by providing a thought provoking, entertaining film. The result of #SCARS will be creating life-long memorable characters that teens and adults can connect with, relate to, cheer for and learn from.

n addition to creating quality projects, #SCARS are one hundred percent committed to having each and every film generate a healthy profit for our investors.

What's more?
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