Sunday, October 5, 2014

The 3rd Planet-The worlds's first interactive 3D travel web site

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Always plan to travel to a new city or new country? Want to do some homework before your real physical visit? Here is your chance to be able view your travel destination in details with the 3rd planet! Imagine embarking on the journey to Mount Everest at the comfort of your home? Experience the wonders of the highest mountain, oldest building and walk through the attractions, buildings and heritage sites as you're there :)! 

3rd Planet logo

The 3rd planet presents you the worlds's first interactive 3D travel web site showing the Wonders of the World to the audience for the first time. 3rd Planet creates interactive 3-dimensional replicas of major global tourism locations, complete with sounds and special effects showcasing a realistic environment which the users can interact with before they even visit them. It's so cool right? 

About 3rd Planet

3rd Planet is a 3D online interactive marketing platform for the global tourism industry. It depicts interesting places of the world and help global audience learn about global tourism locations online through a realistic 3D interactive environment.The software is web based and is supported across all major browsers through a small client download and is free for consumers to use. 

It is available at Google Play Store & Apple App store.

Take a look and experience different countries- eg: The Venetian Macau :)

Try the app today and start to experience the wonders around the world :)!!!

Stay tuned, there will be more destinations available. This will be followed by other destinations over the weeks to come, in countries such as China, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Japan, the Philippines and Nepal.    

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