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Dtangler- A Dramatically Better Hairbrush

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Are you a fan of candy crush?

If yes, good new! Dtangler has co-brand with candy crush to launch candy crush Dtangler Hair brush and accessories in Singapore :)

Dtangler  has co-brand with Candy Crush to launch Candy Crush™ Dtangler hair brush and hair accessories in Singapore. Dtangler  the first in Southeast Asia to launch Candy Crush™ Theme hair brush and hair accessories, includes Candy Crush Dtangler hair brush, hair clips, hair bands, hair ties and hair rings. This collaboration is perfect timing for Christmas gift. 

In line with this, Dtangler has a brand new collection of hair brush series that come with fresh color palette and six various saturated colors for those individuals who find hard time and difficulty in brushing their hair due to tangle. It is a fact that tangles have the ability to make hair brushing unpleasant and painful. Moreover, tangles can also lead to untidy appearance and broken hairs. Brushing your tangled hair can be unpleasant and distressing and this is one of the reasons of the existence of Dtangler hair brush and accessories. 

In connection with this, Dtangler decided to launch their latest solution of excellent hair brush. Dtangler hair brushes have exceptional patented design that is creatively made of bristles glide. With Dtangler hair brushes, users of this product can be sure that they will not experience tangling, knotting, pulling and tugging hair. This product will also provide the user with painless brushing and smooth hair that they will surely love. 

Dtangler hair brushes have ergonomically brush handle that is comfortable and easy to use. It is also very easy to grip and fit in the palm. According to Dtangler team, they are very proud to be able to co-brand with candy Crush™ on their patented hair brushes. Dtangler will also guarantee their valued customers that they will work hand in hand to make sure that they will meet the needs, demands and expectations of their respected customers. 

For those people who are worn out in brushing

their tangled hair, Dtangler patented hair brushes are the ultimate solution to their hair tangled issues. Most of their clients who already tried their patented hair brushes are all astounded and fulfilled with the excellent features of Dtangler hair brushes. 

I personally have very frizzy hair, this is a great news for me :)

Dtangler is a patented design with bristles made especially to remove all knots from your hair, providing a pleasant hair brushing experience. Moreover, it makes your hair look smoother, healthier, and shinier! 

Dtangler also offers a soft scalp massage with its soft bristles, which ushers in hair growth and creates an easy opening for blood flow, which helps with sensitive scalp and thin hair. 

Dtangler preserves the volume of your hair by not breaking it, unlike traditional hairbrushes, which will tug and remove hair strands with each use! 
The New Generation of Hair Brush
A style for every personality

It offers:

1. Dtangler White Bristle Series, the new Dtangler™ with a fresh colour palette

Dtangler now has a new collection, the White Bristle Series. This revolutionary brush now comes in a fresh colour palette, with white bristles and 6 different saturated colours for the body, with an ergonomic grip and its usual detangling system!


2. Dtangler Mouse, A Style for Every Personality

Dtangler™ features a patented design that is specifically made as to have the bristles glide through tangled hair without tugging or pulling, unknotting and untangling hair. It gives you smooth hair and a painless brushing. Dtangler™ has its bristles placed to smoothen the hair and untangle it – you don’t have to waste time on punishing your hair and yourself with a painful brushing. You don’t have to hurt anymore to have your hair look nice!

Dtangler™ is ergonomically designed to be as comfortable to use as possible – it fits just right in your palm and is easy to grip.

3. Dtangler Mini, providing a pleasant brush for parents and children

Hair knots and tangles are a painful problem for many kids, especially long-haired girls. Removing the knots is not only frustrating for the parent, but also painful and uncomfortable for the child, making him or her not want to brush their hair. With Dtangler™  brushing becomes an enjoyable experience.

Often, children will avoid their parents when it comes to brushing their hair, because they don’t see it as necessary, just painful and uncomfortable. With Dtangler™ , brushing can become a bonding experience for parent and child, relaxing the latter and making the former worried less about hurting them or ruining their hair.

Dtangler™  mini is so colourful, making it fun to use for kids!

4, Dtangler™ Men, for men with tangly hair and sensitive scalp

Dtangler™ not only untangles your hair, but also gives you a relaxing scalp massage, which helps promote blood flow to the scalp, hair growth. With Dtangler™, not only with your hair be smooth and nice, but it will also be fuller and healthier due to its massaging properties!

Dtangler™  isn’t only for women, having an ergonomic design that looks good in all hands and a variety of colours to choose from.

Where to get one?

  • Takashimaya Singapore Picture
  • BHG Singapore

  • Robinsons
  • John Little Singapore


  • OG Departmental Stores

  • SASA Retail Outlets

  • Authorized Salon Outlets
Serangoon Gardens 12 Kensington Park Road S557264. Tel 62891241 / 62858653

Nex 23 Serangoon Central #04-49 S556083. Tel 65091131 / 66344623

Hair Partners
509 Bishan Street 11 #01-380 S570509. Tel 63530373 / 63542241

R&B Hair & Beauty Studio
Woodlands North Plaza 883 Woodlands Street 82 #01-476 S730883. Tel 63689590

Centrepoint 176 Orchard Road #03-25 S238843. Tel 62357731 / 67379969
Liang Court #02-18 S179030. Tel 68370422

Orchard International Building #01-09/10 S238869. Tel 67359932

SOHO by Xpect
Square 2 @ Novena #03-109/92/93 S307506. Tel 63976510

Focus Hairdressing
Cuppage Plaza 5 Koek Road #01-21/28 S228796. Tel 68366608

Serene De Salon
206 Toa Payoh North #01-1211 S310206 Tel 62538024

Leng's Salon
Balestier Hill Shopping Complex 2 Balestier Road #01-659 S320002. Tel 62520105

TEXTURE by Xpect
713 East Coast Road S459066. Tel 64406334

NICE Cosmetics & Essentials
1 Hougang Street 91 #01-29 S538692. Tel 67588890

Uni Cut Salon
211 Hougang Street 21 #01-315 S530211. Tel 62817489

P & C Hair Salon
741 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-3071 S470741. Tel 64486639

Sunset Way 105 Clementi Street 12 #01-10. Tel 68724022

Clinic Esthetique
Holland Road Shopping Centre 211 Holland Avenue #03-11 Tel 64665550 / 64685550

Bukit Timah Shopping Centre #B1-03. Tel 64666295

Beauty World Centre #01-K3. Tel 64666298

R&B Hair & Beauty Studio
Sunshine Place 475 Choa Chu Kang Ave 3 #02-17 Tel 67601642

Zenn Salon
Yew Tee Point 21 Choa Chu Kang North 6 #B1-26. Tel 65094148

IS Salon
376 Bukit Batok Street 31 #01-106. Tel 64250889

E Salon
Pioneer Mall #02-06. Tel 67922212

Super Blades
962 Jurong West Street 91 #01-306. Tel 67940236

Super Blades
965 Jurong West Street 93 #01-207. Tel 67913512

Read more about Dtangle here !

More reviews here! I can't wait to get one to try out this CNY! It will be great for me because recently i perm my hair and need to be extra careful when i comb my hair :)

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