Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Review: Hair Perm Experience with Le Parlor at Yong Siak Street

Hi Readers, 

I'm going to share with you my hair perm experience ( my very first ). Haha, you all know lar, CNY is around the corner, it is a great time for me to change my appearance and entire style.

Luckily my gf suddenly cancelled the meetup so I have the time to sit at the saloon for over 4 hours.

No kidding. The entire process is longer than (way longer) than I expected.

I bought the groupon from http://www.groupon.sg/deals/singapore/le-parlor-hair-boutique-1/719656824.

So I choose the Le Parlor Hair Boutique located at 25A Yong Siak Street, Level 2. Need to walk a bit for Tiong Bahru Mrt.

To be honest, the stylist (only one guy) didn't tell me the charges unless you asked.

When I first arrived, there are 3 ladies before me. And i waited for my turn for around 20 mins. And then, he told me that I need layers for my hair to see a more obvious perm (which costs me around 60 Sgd because he is the creative director when i settled my bill blah blah).

Later after the cut, he brings me to wash my hair and add a hair treatment oil a bottle (without telling me the pricem, i guess it is around 25). At first i thought it is included. Because based on the groupon, i will received one intensive hair spa treatment but apparently is not this one.

After the treatment, he puts the softener (some sort of chemical) on my hair for around 30 mins plus and wash my hair again.

Then the digital perm thing starts. FYI I added a 50 sgd because he said because my hair is too soft blah blah, I need a better perm for a longer lasting hairstyle. Then I asked the price, he said only add on another 50 sgd.

Later, I waited for the super long perm hair process and waiting for the machine to cool down to proceed to the hair treatment steps.

The hair treatment is using some unknown conditioner and that's it.

The assistant- a woman who can't speak clearly kept asking me to buy the lorean intensive hair care (another 25 dollars) then I kept telling her i don't want she just continues to mumble nonstop..

Super jialat.

Later the stylist continues to blow dry my hair and tell me the steps to take care.

Total damage is paying 162.30. I paid additional $123 sgd for ( better perm+ creative haircut which lasted for only < than 10 mins) +hair treatment oil) plus $39.90 original price paid to groupon.

My Review:
  1. Super long wait because of lack of manpower in the shop
  2. The stylist should have seek for my permission and inform me the price before hand.
I guess every groupon buyer should be careful when you made the purchase and the stylist will use all kinds of methods to make you purchase extra services.

I feel I'm still very inexperienced in this case. LOL.

But my hair turned out to be quite nice :)

I know I look older now haha. But it is worth trying a new look right :)

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