Saturday, February 7, 2015

Need a private investigator or a Japanese teacher? Masaji is ready to serve you!

Dear Reader,

Interested in the following services? Look for Masaji on Fiverr. He is a licensed private investigator. He also know a lot about Japan & fluent in Japanese and English. He determined to make sure your work is done.

The best part is... some of the gigs below start at USD $ 5!!!

  1. Proofread your Japanese
  2. Translate your document to English /Japanese
  3. Search for something for you on a Japanese Website
  4. Write an anonymous letter from Utah
  5. Locate anybody in USA or Japan* -Contact seller for more information
  6. Create your name in Kanji
  7. Give you advice on Japan Se* industry
  8. Check any USA license plates no information
  9. Proofread your English
  10. Private investigation in Japan- Price varies~
  11. Reverse Phone Search- Search for anonymous caller- USA phone no. only
  12. Teach you Japanese for 60 minutes on Skype
  13. Provide you a list of 500 Japanese dating websites
  14. Mail you an unique handmade Jewelry from Japan
  15. Background Check of anyone in USA.
  16. Investigate Yakuza
  17. Make you Japanese style artificial nails 
  18. Advertise for you on a sexy adult facebook page

* Remarks: Please discuss the information before any purchase to avoid any disputes.

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